Doris Walser, Artist

«Painting and three-dimensional works to me is an adventure among other things; it enables me to enter undiscovered realms.»

Doris Walser consistently goes her own way with her personal and artistic language of imagery. The expressive powers of the subconcience, a «gift of coincidence» as she calls it, challenge Doris to conscious creativity. Here lies Doris‘
mastery. Following a divers educational curriculum in Art, Doris Walser had her first exhibition in 1973. An intensive artistic career accompanied by the many courses she gives enable her to pass on this immense knowledge and this
life fulfills her entirely. She is at home with the many painting techniques - she paints scenery, still life, human beings, flowers in aquarelle, mixed techniques or acrylic.

To arrange a visit to the studio, please contact me on either
+41 (0)56 222 68 09 or +41 (0)79 470 90 14.

Gallery and Exhibitions
The paintings can be viewed and bought at the following addresses:
- Kunstschule + Atelier, Brüggliacher 56, 5452 Oberrohrdorf
- Ulrich Grossmann, Galerist, 8200 Schaffhausen
- Buch & Kunst Nievergelt, Marktgasse 7, 8600 Dübendorf